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Greenhouse added to mobile bike camper. Unlike a tent, here you have a nice place to sit & cook your food. If it's cold & sun is shining, easy to stay warm.

Rust repair of auto & truck frames is work we have the skill & equipment to do right. Our rates are very reasonable @ $40/ hr.
Rust never sleeps, as evidenced by this Ford van rocker panels. These were repaired w/ replacement panels.
Cargo Bike

The smooth ride of Long John cargo bikes & their ability to easily carry loads are a big reason for their popularity in Europe. I can convert an existing steel frame to one of these starting @ $700, add a motor & drive system & you can.sell your car......................... In background 26 ft trimaran , made of marine aluminium alloy , w/ 15 ft wingspan & total weight under 300 lbs. This would dance over the water only drafting 3 in. Unfortunately the Atlantic claimed her off the Gloucester coast. Psalm 107: 23-32

image-225405-2014-02-01 12.20.56.jpg
Weld replacement of main frame rail & bumper mount, Dodge van.
Often these rails can get so bad from rust that the steering box mount will tear away from rail on the inside. This repair was made for $300.